NaCL: Salt City Slam Genesis Bout – God

The third part of the Salt City Slam Genesis Bout: God

This piece was written and performed by me, Gray. It would be arrogant of me to do a deep mine of this piece, since it’s my own piece. I’ll just note a couple things: I started the piece with “Dear Children,” to echo how the other pieces started. I tried to write a piece that asked for everyone else’s forgiveness, because I thought that would be ironic – God asking people for forgiveness rather than the other way around.

This took a lot of drafts and it wasn’t really complete until all the other pieces were complete. I think I could perform this piece independently of other pieces, but I haven’t really done it much since this performance in 2012. I’m not crazy about the style in which I performed it. In my opinion, it’s a tad overwrought.

Anyway, the challenge of creating a concept bout was great and exciting. This bout created a tradition of Salt City Slam composing and performing group pieces. Apparently, the Salt City Slam killed it at the 2018 National Poetry Slam with their Wizard of Oz concept bout, which I would love to mine. Unfortunately, Poetry Slam Inc holds the rights on those videos, and the artists don’t actually have rights over their own work. Poetry Slam Inc went under, though, so hopefully there might be a push by artists and poets to receive those videos and do what they want with them. Technically, I am not supposed to post these videos, but I don’t really care because Poetry Slam Inc no longer exists.


Thanks for reading!


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