This is How Much I Love You

I want to tuck myself into clouds. Float over the terrain, fall all over you in thunderbursts, soak your clothes, ruin your hair. I am devastated at the sight of your umbrella. You still jump into every puddle. I want to bake myself into your favorite pastry. Present it to you. Watch you eagerly pick…


I try to feed her my dreams.
Here is a melting blue guitar.
Here is an ocean in the shape of a house.
Here is a train made out of swingsets.
She devours them. Licks the plate clean.
But she wants more.

NaCl: Performance Poem of the Week

R.J. Wright: Dyslexia   What works in this piece: Opens with some light humor that he knows the audience will appreciate (“Words are really hard. Just ask any three-year-old…or Donald Trump”) Incorporates elements of dyslexia into the poem/performance reflects content, adding depth the piece as a whole Creates a performance (temporal) out of a disorder…


Moving box receipts for

How to Be an Adult

So, I was going to try and share the writing challenges daily, but I fell behind. Not all of them were gold, but I will share a few of the pieces that I really enjoyed writing. 6 – How to be an adult put your toys away all the way away use capitalization write lists…

NaPoMo 1/30

Break/fast Morning. She tells me she is hungry. I present my empty hands outstretched palms up to show her all that I had to offer. This isn’t enough for someone who dry swallows tornadoes without even blinking.   I try to feed her my dreams. Here is a melting blue guitar. Here is an ocean…

NaCL: Salt City Slam Genesis Bout – God

The third part of the Salt City Slam Genesis Bout: God This piece was written and performed by me, Gray. It would be arrogant of me to do a deep mine of this piece, since it’s my own piece. I’ll just note a couple things: I started the piece with “Dear Children,” to echo how…

NaCL: Salt City Slam Genesis Bout – Eve and Lilith

  The third part of the Salt City Slam Genesis Bout: Eve and Lilith   The third part of the “Genesis” bout by Salt City Slam at the 2012 National Poetry Slam was one of my personal favorite pieces, let alone group pieces.   Written and performed by Rebeca Mae and De Emett. To recap:…

NaCL: Salt City Slam Genesis Bout – Adam

This is part two of the Salt City Slam Genesis Bout. This piece, composed and performed by Salt Lake Poet luminary, Brian Frandsen, is from Adam’s perspective. In the biblical telling, Adam, like Lucifer, also falls from the grace of God and is cast out from the Garden of Eden rather than from Heaven or…

NaCL: Salt City Slam Genesis Bout – Lucifer

Jesse Parent​, Lucifer, Salt City Slam Concept Bout, National Poetry Slam, Charlotte, North Carolina, 2012. With the passing of the National Poetry Slam due to the the collapse of Poetry Slam Inc, one type of performance poetry that may become obsolete is the concept bout. Playing off of the bout structure of four teams and…

NaCl Journal of Performance Poetry: Curriculum

Over the years, I have been invited to a few classrooms to do features. Following these features, I have had conversations with teachers about seeking resources to teach slam or performance poetry. I created this curriculum with one teacher in particular. I consider it more or less incomplete. I would like to cover writing strategies…