Parachute Poetry Project


I am producing a “journal,” and looking for your writing.

This “journal” will “publish”  50 or more small poems, microfiction, nanofiction, vignettes, haikus, and so forth, no longer than 150 words. This is not a strict limitation, and you may exceed this number of words. Why so short? Because, if accepted, I will be typing your submission onto a small weighted toy parachute and dropping from a building in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Send your submission as a docx attachment without your name in the document to Write “Parachute Poetry” in the subject line.

Because of the unique format in which I will be releasing this “journal,” I will take liberties with editing your content so that it may fit onto the parachute. I promise to uphold the integrity of your piece as best I can, though some meaning may be lost (or added).

I will attempt to read the submissions blind. Submissions will close as soon as a feel as though I have 50 quality pieces.  The sooner you submit, the better chance you have of making it on to a parachute. Feel free to invite your friends to submit. This is not an official literary journal, so you will retain all rights to your pieces.

What I am looking for: I enjoy pieces that play with language in unique ways. I enjoy narratives. I am fascinated with reconstructed realities. What currently turns me on are (but not limited to): Nabakov, Denise Duhamel, Bob Hicok, Tracy K. Smith, Ocean Vuong, Aimee Bender, beat poetry, po-mo, etc. Feel free to look over this site at some of my posted writing to get an idea of what I write. If you’re like me, though, you’ll ignore that, and just send what you think is best.

While there are no content restrictions, I think pieces about floating, flying, falling, parachutes, etc would be neat, but not required. Again, submit whatever short piece you think is best.

I will “release” this journal by dropping them off a building. Each piece will be tagged with a  hashtag, so that poem recipients can post the poem on Instagram (I will also take pictures of the pieces and post them if the receiver neglects to do so).