Disappearing Woman

He first observed the phenomenon in her mouth.   After a particularly passionate kiss, he looked into her face and noticed the faintest outlines of her teeth.  Perplexed, he kissed her again, pulled away, and noticed that the small rows of white squares were more distinct.

They put their kisses away for that evening.  Later that week, when he kissed her knee, they were both astonished when they could clearly distinguish the pattern of the bedsheet through her skin and patella.

They resisted kisses to see if the condition would clear up.  This was difficult, since kissing was their favorite activity.  She coped with her invisible knee by wearing sensible slacks.

After a long kissing hiatus, they were preparing dinner in the kitchen together.  Something simple happened; he brushed past her to grab silverware, or she said “spaghetti,” in a suggestive manner.  They immediately lost themselves.  They kissed ravenously until all energy was drained out of them.  When they finally opened their eyes, there were several splotches of her missing.  Her entire collar bone and neck had completely disappeared.  Her head appeared to float above a set of arms and legs.

Realizing the futility of resisting their desires, they decided to make the most of their kissing sessions.  He continued to kiss the visible parts of her body until they vanished. avoiding her face until it was the only part left.  Her face just floated there, in the middle of the room.

“Please,” she exclaimed, and he proceeded to kiss her hair, her forehead, her nose, and finally her mouth, until all that remained was the furniture, the dangling pendant lamp, the faint scent of her body lingering in empty space.


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