Life in Reverse

It would begin with a mortician
pulling us out of our coffins
and end with a doctor shoving us
feet first into our mother’s vaginas

Dear God of Glitter.

Please rain down upon me in all of your sparkling majesty and glory, your brief, momentary flashes of the visible light spectrum, your shiny shining like sugar for my eyes. I pray you make everything fabulous…

This is How Much I Love You

I want to tuck myself into clouds. Float over the terrain, fall all over you in thunderbursts, soak your clothes, ruin your hair. I am devastated at the sight of your umbrella. You still jump into every puddle. I want to bake myself into your favorite pastry. Present it to you. Watch you eagerly pick…

NaCl: Performance Poem of the Week

R.J. Wright: Dyslexia   What works in this piece: Opens with some light humor that he knows the audience will appreciate (“Words are really hard. Just ask any three-year-old…or Donald Trump”) Incorporates elements of dyslexia into the poem/performance reflects content, adding depth the piece as a whole Creates a performance (temporal) out of a disorder…


Moving box receipts for

NaCL: Salt City Slam Genesis Bout – God

The third part of the Salt City Slam Genesis Bout: God This piece was written and performed by me, Gray. It would be arrogant of me to do a deep mine of this piece, since it’s my own piece. I’ll just note a couple things: I started the piece with “Dear Children,” to echo how…

NaCl Journal of Performance Poetry: Curriculum

Over the years, I have been invited to a few classrooms to do features. Following these features, I have had conversations with teachers about seeking resources to teach slam or performance poetry. I created this curriculum with one teacher in particular. I consider it more or less incomplete. I would like to cover writing strategies…