The best part about cocaine. Is how it makes everything feellikemagic. You. Are. Magic! You. Are. A won derfulpieceofhumanbeing you are thesmartest personintheroom! Theyshouldgiveyouamastersdegreejus tforbeingyou youandyourbigbrain inyourboneskull betyoucould fistfightusingonlyyourtemporallobeIQas bigasabrontosaurus but itsimpossibletofightdinosaurs becausedinosaurshaveteeth andthoseteetharesha rp sharperthanaspellingbeechamp everydinosaurtooth isadoctor, not feeling well? Goseedinosaurtooth  thatshouldfixfixfixfixfixyourightup likeabrandnewautomobile abrandnewnewsetofwheels youvegotfanta sticmotorskills butdon’tletanyoneputtheirhandsonyouren-gine.  If you have to be anything. You. Should. Be. A locomotive! Becausethethingwithlocomotivesis theyrunonrails and guess what? Sodoyou! Running onrailafterrailafterrail. Yourapartmentisa switch station. A train yard. Burning hard through all those fossilfuels, and that’s how we beat thosegoddamndinosaurs with our bigbrains in-theend! And that’s really the bestpartabout cocaine, except that the bestpartabout cocaine is how you can’t get enough of it! 8-ball after 8-ball after 8-ball you would think after a while, they’d start calling it a 24-ball, or a 32-ball or at most a 48-ball, and we’d be having a ball if you’d just stop with your countingcountingcountingcou ntingcountingcounting.


All you need to know is that money in the bank is

money you haven’t spent

on cocaine!

But the best part about cocaine is how everything just goes away,

all your stress, all your anxieties, your furniture, your home,

you can start to adjust to this minimalist lifestyle.

You are a postmodern Buddhist

attaining transcendence with

each bump,

it seems to take

a lot more

to reach

Nirvana these days

but hopefully

you’ll be reincarnated

as something useful


like a coca leaf


yearning for the embrace

of a bloodstream.

in a body

that has become

an oxymoronic battleground

tolerance and dependence,

ignoring it

while begging for it.

You are a


shaped like a hug.


But the best part

about cocaine

is how everyone you love will leave you.

And their departure will seem so graceful

like a swan flying south for your winter.  It is so col here.

It snows all the time here. I am on the peak of Mount Everest,

when no one returns the air becomes so suckerpunch thin

I can’t even breathe.


The only people

who stick around

resemble dry twigs.

I am afraid of getting too close,

of brushing up against them

for fear of starting a fire.


At this point

it might be best

if everything


burned down.