Motivation Monday: How to Meditate for Success

How To Meditate for Success

The art of meditation is a must-do for success. If you do not meditate, you will most certainly become a failure. So, practice meditation for several hours a day. In fact, most of your time should be spent meditating. You should have little time for activities other than meditation. The more you meditate, the more success will come to you.

To meditate, start by stopping. Open yourself into the expanse of the universe. How the universe rolls on into nothingness and the nothingness rolls on into the void. Understand the void. Become the vastness. See yourself within the universe and understand how small you are.

Stop thinking about every failure. Like this morning when you used curdled sour milk in a smoothie and had to throw away the entire smoothie. Or how you’ve had 30 jobs in your entire life, each lasting an average of 6 or 7 months. Or how you were in love once and you didn’t know what to do with it, you got excited and nervous at the same time. There is so much weight to the joy that you can’t open your mouth without feeling like you said the wrong thing so you stopped talking altogether and then you stopped answering her phone calls, and even when she stood in the middle of your living room and you didn’t know what to do except open an umbrella.

Let all of that fall away from you. You are and ever widening expanse of the void. You don’t hear your neighbor wailing through the thin walls. You don’t hear the dogs chasing shadows in the courtyard. You don’t hear your phone cease ringing altogether. You don’t hear the accident of life blooming on the sidewalk below your window. You don’t hear the Earth scraping against its orbit.


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