Motivation Monday: How to Become a River

So, you want to become a river.
Be proud of your choice.
Not Everyone wants to become a river.
To be a river,
you need water.
Once you turn into water, things get much easier.
The best way to turn into water
is to stay motivated.
There will always be people who will come by and say
“Linda, there is no way you’re going to be water.”
Just ignore them.
Some of them might say,
“Linda, can you forward my messages,”
“Linda, you’re fired,”
“Linda, stop making the hallways flood with your essence.”
Ignore them.
Ignore them and focus on becoming a river.
Close your eyes and hear the river.


You are flowing endlessly from a glacier
into the ocean. There are a bunch of fish inside of you.
Now, envision men with fishing gear stomping through your stomach.
This feeling is familiar. Embrace it.
Now, the chemical factory is dumping chemicals into you.
Let the chemicals course through your veins.


Doesn’t that feel incredible?
Ignore your coworkers placing their hands on you
trying to shake you awake,\
trying to prevent you from soiling yourself
and sweating profusely on the floor.
That’s not piss and sweat.
That’s you.
That’s you realizing into your essence, Linda.


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