NaCL: Salt City Slam Genesis Bout – Adam

This is part two of the Salt City Slam Genesis Bout.

This piece, composed and performed by Salt Lake Poet luminary, Brian Frandsen, is from Adam’s perspective. In the biblical telling, Adam, like Lucifer, also falls from the grace of God and is cast out from the Garden of Eden rather than from Heaven or Paradise. The Lucifer piece, performed by Jesse Parent, describes the fall and ends with the yearning to get back to God, or, seeming, to get back at God. In Adam, there is no regret or mourning over being cast out, but rather a kind of bitterness or cynicism towards God’s intentions, indicating that God should ask for Adam’s forgiveness.

“I don’t want you back until you have redeemed yourself. You made me in your image. Some would call that sabotage.”

I recall when this piece came to fruition as part of a group piece with Jesse Parent, and then the split of that piece into two pieces. Jesse and Frandsen have two distinct writing styles. Jesse’s style is typically narrative and theatrical, immersing the audience in captivating monologue that tugs at the heartstrings. Frandsen’s writing style is typically complex in its arrangement, frequently jumping from idea to idea in the manner following Gertrude Stein, Frederico Garcia Lorca, or many modernist poets. This piece took a lot of workshopping to get it to fall into a more narrative style to resemble the other pieces of the bout. Nevertheless, Frandsen still retains his distinct Frandsen style, using phrases such as “sycophantic trumpet blasters” to refer to angels that God created to worship him.

But wow. So many solid lines in this piece. Chastising God for creating Eve from Adam’s ribs instead of His own. Berating God for putting snakes in the veins of man and then punishing man for dispensing poison. And the whole description of Cain and Abel. Additionally, in the writing process, Frandsen was the first to incorporate parts of the other pieces into his own, and it really brought the whole concept bout together. It was the first time it felt like we were working as a team rather than on our own individual poem.

If you have a moment, please check out other pieces if you can find them. It can be quite a search, but it’s well worth it. He is also a member of the punk band Vital Organ Auction, tracks of which can be found on YouTube.



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