Status Update 1

In which I chronicle the newsfeed from Facebook. Taken from the first few lines of the first ten status updates in the newsfeed of Facebook. Some of these have been altered slightly to maintain user anonymity.

8/14/2017 12:41am

People equating Black Lives Matter to Nazis is beyond ridiculous.
Custom Business Cards — 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If you declare war on terror and the terrorist are now American, then there is a civil war.
Willie Nelson. 84 years old. The show ended early because he wasn’t feeling well.
Define “White Nationalist.”
Orrin Hatch is all sorts of terrible, but three impeachments would be an improvement.
Why did the police in Charlottesville do nothing? Well…
This is so good, that’s all.
Thank god for this reductress article, as always.


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