List of Lasts.

List of Lasts.

When you fall in love there will be a lot of lasts.

The last time you do this

the last time you do that.

There will be the last time you leave your socks in the middle of the floor.

for instance.


the last time you neglect to remove the toothpaste globs from the sink for weeks at time.

the last time you swipe right, or left, for that matter.

The last time you will unabashedly stalk someone else’s facebook profile.

The last time one bottle of wine will be enough to get drunk.

The last time you will have all the warm water in the shower to yourself.

The last time Las Vegas will be completely awesome.

The last time you leave your home without telling anyone where you are going.

The last time your bed is too big.

The last time you only break two eggs for omlettes.

The last time you brew a single cup of coffee in the morning.

the last time you thrust your pinkie into space with uncertainty, hoping another pinkie will be there to meet yours.

The last time you will wipe your own tears from your cheeks.


The list of lasts is long, and numerous.

Embrace these selfish moments now, while you still can,

because soon enough

you will be forced to succumb to these subtle surrenders,

as painful as they might be.

In time, you will learn how to adjust and how to adapt.

You will learn how there will always be one less sip

in every beverage you drink.

One less bite in every dessert you order.

There are worse things that have happened

than falling in love.

Yet, while we mourn for all of the lasts,

and the loss of our oneliness,

we will learn the art of togetherness,

the art of “I love you no matter what,”

we will now celebrate all of our firsts,

and that, I am afraid,

is a much longer list.


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