Dear God of Nonexistent Things

Dear God of Nonexistent Things
I pray to you
on my existent knees
to let you know
I believe in you
even when you don’t believe yourself.

You are the god that rules over unicorns,
my literary career,
and luck.
After all,
how can I not believe in you?

After all,
I know what it is like
to not be believed in.
To be picked last
in dodgeball,
to play right field in every game.

It’s difficult
when no one believes in you
especially when you don’t exist.
It is quite the river to swim against,
even though it’s a nonexistent river.
I am done believing in the truth
and things that exist
such as the color blue,
my body,
and the song Michelle.

I know I can be a better person
Tomorrow doesn’t exist,
after all,
and neither does the past.

With this I pray
you will give me the strength
to jump on my bicycle
every time it rains
and pedal pedal pedal
until my lungs explode
searching for you
at the end of every rainbow.



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